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Poly strapping
1/2" Poly Strapping

With a breakage strength of 300lb, this is suitable for many packaging applications and can be used with various seals and buckles. 3300' per roll.

Metal Buckles
Metal Buckles

For 1/2" strapping. 2000/case

Metal Seals
Metal Open Seals

For 1/2" Poly strapping. 2000/case

Plastic Buckles

For 1/2" Poly strapping. 2000/case

Steel Strapping
Painted Steel Strapping

1435lb Breakage strength. 1/2" Width; other widths available. Approx. 100lb/coil, priced per pound.

Strapping Tools
Strapping Tools

We supply strapping tools, including tensioners. Please call us for help finding the right product for your needs.