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First Aid

First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

For general industrial and office use, up to 5 people. Plastic case contains assorted adhesive bandages and gauze pads, alcohol/antiseptic wipes, burn gel and more. Items are sterile-packaged.

first aid kit deluxe #1
Ontario Level 1 First Aid Kit

Deluxe kit comes in a metal case. Sterile-packaged contents include assorted adhesive bandages, anti-microbial hand wipes, gauze pads, compress bandages and more. Suitable for 5-16 persons.

first aid kit deluxe #2
Ontario Level 2 First Aid Kit

Deluxe kit meets Ontario WSIB Level 2 regulations. Metal wall-mount cabinet contains sterile-packaged gauze rolls, compress bandages, First Aid guide and more. Suitable for 16-200 persons. *Refills available for all kits*

Portable Eye Wash Station
Portable Eye Wash Station

Stand includes eye wash bottle that can be refilled with eye wash solution.

Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher

ABC fire extinguisher works to put out standard, electrical, and liquid/gas fires quickly. Comes in 2.5lb and 5lb sizes

Oil Spill Kit
5 Gallon Spill Kit

Use for oil-based spills. Includes 10 sorbent pads, 2 sorbent socks, disposal bag, 1 pair of nitrile gloves and 1 pair of safety goggles